A Rook for Rook Lane

So many ideas and so little time…

The Contemporary Quilters West exhibition in Frome, Somerset is fast approaching and we need to submit our pieces for selection on May the 18th…. panic is starting to set in having lost two weeks to the holidays.  I have 3 more pieces I want to enter (with the idea of a 4th) – 2 of these pieces are in the planning stage at this point with this piece underway, awaiting stitching.

K3N gave me the idea of this piece, saying ‘you’ve got to do a Rook for the Rook Lane Exhibition’.  I am fascinated in Corvids generally but the beak of the Rook gives a good contrast against all those sleek dark feathers .

The idea is a great one and I have loved selecting the fabrics.  When you study Rooks closely their feathers are made up of the most beautiful ‘petrol’ colours.  Below are a selection of the fabrics I had to choose from.


I want this Rook to look stark and a little sinister and really like the contrast against the backing fabric (which I currently have absolutely no idea how I will quilt).


I enjoyed a shopping trip to Midsomer Quilting to select some appropriate threads.  Now the Easter holidays are almost over I can get myself back out into the workshop on Monday and get some pieces underway.  I look forward to showing some progress over the coming days/weeks…..


2 thoughts on “A Rook for Rook Lane

  1. I love your Rook – and you are right – he is absolutely perfect for Rook Lane. I bet he will be the star of the show. I’m really looking forward to seeing all your pieces. x C

    • Thanks so much Claire, loving the challenge… Consuming a lot of coffee and chocolate 😋☕️🍫 Really look forward to seeing your work to, you tell such a great story through your work.

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