Limited edition Giclee prints are available of the following images.

£75 – £80

Postage and packing in the UK – Free

Postage & packing in Europe and beyond – please contact me for prices.

To order a print please contact me via the contact page, stating the name of the print and your location.

Payment can be made using BACS or by cheque.

The print will be sent rolled in a tube and posted in the UK as a special delivery parcel, requiring a signature.

AK019 Standing Out copysmall

‘Standing Out’ Pheasant

AK020 Chorus Line copysmall

‘Chorus Line’ Starling

AK021 Home in Sight copysmall

‘Home in sight’ Osprey

AK023 A Cuckoo's Tale copysmall

A Cuckoo’s Tale’


‘One for sorrow’ Magpie


‘Spellbound’ Merlin

AK015 A Swallow's Journey

‘Swallows Journey’

AK014 The Gatherer

‘The Gatherer’ Rook

AK003 Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

Blackbird singing in the dead of night’

AK002 Golden Breeze

‘Golden Breeze’ Goldfinch

AK013 Into the Night Final

‘Into the night’ Tawny Owl

AK006 Young Pretender

‘Young Pretender’ Peregrine

AK007 I Spy

‘I Spy’ Adult Peregrine

AK008 Sweetness and Light

Sweetness & Light Hummingbird

AK009 Night Hunter

‘Night Hunter’ Barn Owl

AK010 Feathered Fanfare

‘Fanfare of feathers’ Peacock

AK011 Fish Supper

‘Fish Supper’ Kingfisher

AK012 Rush Hour

‘Rush Hour’ Swallows


‘Out of the Blue’ Barn Owl

AK001 Barn Owl in the Moonlight

‘Barn owl in the moonlight’

AK005 Missed Me!

‘Missed me’ Pheasant


Prints coming soon 


What is a Giclee print?

These are high quality digitally produced prints using permanent colour, pigmented inks.  This gives light fastness for at least 80 years (in normal conditions).

These are professional reproductions of my textile artwork.  They are expertly colour balanced so that a print captures the colour, tone and texture of the original work.

These images are printed on heavy weight Fine Art pH neutral coated papers.

Each image is limited to an edition of 195, these are individually signed and numbered by Angela.  Once the edition is sold out then no more copies will be available.

To protect your print you are advised not to hang in direct sunlight or above direct heat.

It is possible to extend the life of your print for future generations to enjoy but framing it behind UV protection glass.

Thank you



2 thoughts on “Prints

    • Hi Debbie, it is great, the lights wonderful and the space. But for about 6 months of the year its hard to keep warm enough that your fingers can work. Lit the fire an hour ago ready to go out there. Blanket on knees today I think. The dog loves it too and soaks up lots of the fires heat before it reaches me XX

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