The Bedtime Book, Exhibition 2012

What is the most important book? The answer is not a single book but a genre that inspires us from our earliest days: bedtime story books. From early picture books to wonderful imaginative tales and adventures, the bedtime story sparks our imagination. But sadly fewer children than ever share a bedtime story with their parents and instead time is spent watching television. When the TV is switched on conversation fades and we no longer need to use our imagination. It’s all done for us.

P1030398 P1030399 P1030401 P1030404

I wanted my quilt to tell the bedtime story, that simple routine that delivers our children to bed, ready for their pre-sleep treat. My own children wanted to be involved with the project so I asked them to name all their favourite stories over the years and these make up the background text. My pictures are in sequence starting with the bedtime clock through the bedtime drink, the stairs, the bath and so on with each frame getting slightly darker. Finally, the quilt the book rests on is made from old quilt covers they slept under after listening to their stories. Good night and sleep tight.

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